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Bristol Is Open is developing an open programmable city. It is a collaboration between the technology, media & telecommunications industry, universities, local communities, and local and national government. The project is governed by a joint venture between University of Bristol and Bristol City Council. Long term partners join an advisory panel that guides the joint venture on the evolution of the network, the creation of multi-partner experiments, the services that underpin the project and publicity and events surrounding the project.

Vision and Values

The way cities work is changing. Using digital technologies, we are creating an open programmable city that gives citizens more ways to participate-in and contribute-to the way their city works. We call it ‘City Experimentation as a Service’ and it will lead to the creation of a city operating system for the serious stuff (and the fun stuff too). Being open guides our procurement, our data management, and the hardware and the software we use, which is why our network is being developed with OpenDaylight standards. Being open means we proactively share what we learn with other cities, technology companies, universities and citizens.

We work with and respect the fabulous communities of Bristol.


We set expectations and deliver on our commitments

We document agreements so everyone is clear

We are realistic about what can be achieved

We take time with people so they understand what’s going on

We are looking for new ideas

Imagination is cherished

Barriers and boundaries are opportunities

Failure trumps inactivity

We take pride in our environment

We consider energy consumption

We think about those around us

We maintain a safe and clean workplace

We understand and follow issues of data privacy

We respect physical and intellectual property

We share information appropriately

We do the right thing when no-one is looking

We are ambassadors for our organisation

We promote common goals and foster team spirit

We encourage and listen to the ideas of others

We take ownership of issues

We focus on solutions to problems

We give constructive feedback

We support others when they are having a bad day

We deliver our commitments with a ‘can-do’ approach