Bristol has overtaken London as the UK’s leading “smart city” according to the second UK Smart Cities Index, commissioned by Huawei UK and conducted by Navigant Consulting. The report is based on evaluations of 20 cities and their strategies, key projects and overall readiness in using digital technology to improve crucial civic services from transport infrastructure to healthcare.

Our incoming Managing Director, Julie Snell had this to say on the news;

‘The growth trend of all cities around the world means they need to look at new methods to address the way they manage their resources and infrastructure. Bristol is forecast to potentially increase by more than the UK national average. Its projected growth is approximately 23% (from 2014 to 2039)

Bristol, like all UK cities faces numerous constraints (including land availability, population growth, jobs, revenues and resources) it is not just about technology, it is as much about the management framework supporting the connectivity technologies across the multiple government departments and businesses. 

Connectivity is important to Bristol and the region on many layers. At a government level efficiently managing and running of the city by anticipating needs and providing improved services to its people. Creating new economic opportunities for companies in all sectors including tech, media, healthcare, logistics and more. Supporting the needs of its globally recognised academic institutes. Providing greater convenience and better quality of life for the Citizens. Bristol has responsibility to ensure that it is equitable, accessible, consumable and useful to the diverse constituent groups that Bristol represents. 

Bristol is Open is one of the cities key collaborative partners helping to enable the Smart City program to move the technology from its R&D stages to becoming a network that will support the future needs of the Bristol City Council, Businesses, the University of Bristol and its citizens. We understand the importance of moving forward on the citywide connectivity deployments, continuing to overcome the key challenges of the inevitable technology changes and finding viable models that will be scalable. 

Bristol has shown thought leadership in bringing together leaders from industry, government, academia and citizens to form a collaborative platform for the development of its Smart Cities program. This foresight and planning is ensuring they are laying the groundworks for the Smart City program by preparing and equipping the city to address the growing needs of its citizens, academia, businesses and future growth. 

Being recognised by the UK Smart Cities Index as the city that has made significant growth in its Smart City program is testament to the vision and support of the Bristol City Council and the fantastic results for the University of Bristol research and development department and the very many other players in the City who all contribute to Bristol Smart City.’

Julie Snell, Managing Director, Bristol is Open