Local Host & Ecosystem Partners

More than 62,000 people work in digital technology in the Bristol/Bath – more than anywhere else in the UK, outside of London. In this first phase, three organisations have kindly agreed to become Local Host Partners with Bristol Is Open and host optical nodes on their premises: At-Bristol; Watershed & Engine Shed. More Local Host Partners are expected to emerge as the network grows across the West of England, crossing local authority boundaries and connecting four universities. With so many local technology firms, we are working with a growing number of ‘Ecosystem Partners’ as suppliers, and as R&D users.


We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for our supporters. Funders like the Government Departments for Media, Culture and Sport and Business Innovation and Skills have been foundational. The engagement of industry leaders like the Open Networking Foundation and the Open Data Institute has inspired us. And the Catapults continue to propel us forward.


Bristol Is Open is both fundamentally technology agnostic, and built from commercially available technology.   It sounds like a contradiction but it’s not.   Companies at the leading edge of many technologies are keen to innovate, to test and deploy with us, and to see how their equipment works in a truly open environment. Below are several of the firms we work with.

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