According to Gavin Hepburn, Director of ATG Access: “In its most basic terms, a smart city is a municipality which incorporates technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), GPS tracking and the Internet of Things (IoT), into its physical infrastructure in order to improve public services, make its citizens safer and improve overall quality of life.”

And yet, despite offering a secure, private, research and development citywide test bed for technology that will provide a better quality of life to our citizens, not just in Bristol, but worldwide, smart city projects, like Bristol is Open (BiO) often find themselves up against issues with adoption through lack of consumer awareness and funding.

Whether it is through UK government DCMS projects, such as the 5G Smart Tourism Project, or through direct engagement and collaboration with multiple partners in the Bristol and wider area, here at BiO we are determined to see citywide test beds not just a hope, but a definite part of the future.

Find out more about the challenges for smart city projects over at Open Access Government.