On Thursday, January 24th, Julie Snell, CEO of Bristol is Open joined a host of speakers and panellists for The West of England Transport Summit and Debate, ‘Time to act: Accelerating a public transport system fit for employers and the region’s economic growth ambitions’.

Julie joined a panel of senior professionals from a range of transportation, infrastructure and public services enterprises to discuss ‘What’s needed to accelerate a public transport system for the

benefit of employers and the economy’ which covered a range of topics on how we can plan and build an effective infrastructure for the future, looking at sustainability and innovation.  

Taken from First Group’s report of the event, Julie said:

At the heart of the debate was the need to enhance the communications network so that data could help shape future mobility investment decisions. We need to invest in digital connectivity as we can use this to understand trends in travel and therefore inform how we shape provision whether that be public transport, cycling lanes or walkways.” You can read the full report here.