Bristol is Open Head of Engineering & Information Management, Paul Isaac’s, recently took to the TEDxRoma stage with his talk ‘Will AI be neutral?. The world-class event, held at the Roma Convention Centre on 26thMay 2018, took on the challenge of ‘Esperanto: Empowering Through Neutrality’ as part of TEDx’s broader vision of ‘ideas worth sharing.’

Paul was invited by Emilia Garito (CEO at Quantum Leap Ip, IBM Watson AI XPRIZE Ambassador, TEDx Ambassador and TEDxRoma Organizer) due to his interest in neuromorphic computing and curiosity. In the early ‘80s,at age 11, Paul programmed his first computer. Thus began his interest in computing which has spanned a wide and varied international career for over 30 years. As a self-styled Neuromorphic Cognitive Security Engineer, Paul has spent the last ten years researching a curiosity. His TEDxRoma talk takes on an aspect of this curiosity asking: ‘As any object created by human being, the AI is influenced by our perceptions. Is it really possible to connect neutrality with artificial intelligence?’ As Paul said: ‘Why do we spend kilowatts or even megawatts of conventional computing power to investigate something that only consumes 20 watts of energy, the Brain? Personally, my approach to AI is one of integration as we might integrate a new culture or Alien intelligence into our cohabitation of the world.’

Giving his talk to over 1400 international delegates in Rome, Paul took the audience through what neutrality is, the challenges of bias, harm, risk and machine learning, and if there is true neutrality for AI. His talk then progressed to the need to guide rather than instruct; how AI is coming and at a level that society needs to accept it as its BFF.  You can watch Paul’s talk to find the answer to his question here: TEDxRoma

Talking about his experience, Paul commented:

“I feel humbled that I was given an opportunity to share my thoughts regarding how AI should be developed. I have had over 500 downloads of the text/slides of my TEDx speech already – even before the video was released. Being able to raise the profile of my research to others that may be interested in contributing, whether in team support, collaborative working and perhaps funding or investment opportunities is vitally important.

I hope that my words inspire people to not fear the development of AI and be ready to embrace it as it transitions from being a tool to something more.

TEDx is a recognised and reputable platform to promote what aim to be inspiring talks. So, accepting an invitation to be a speaker at any TEDx event was a no-brainer. Being an official TEDx speaker is something that I am very proud of.”

Paul is also principal researcher in Project NeuralMimicry. The project is investigating a neuromorphic-based approach to strong artificial intelligence using his own conceptual Autonomic Asynchronous Recursive Neural Network (AARNN). This forms the groundwork of Paul’s part-time Ph.D. studies in Intelligent Systems & Information Management at De Montfort University with applications in cyber security and more. Recently, Paul gave an in depth interview with Just about AI, neutrality and neuralmimicry which you read here.

Paul is also bringing his interest in curiosity to Bristol is Open’s living testbed as we look to experiment with new technological advances that can bring well-being improvement to the users and inhabitants of our city region.